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WIne Turbines


You are the foundation of society

We at Seriana believe in a world where all children have clean, safe, drinking water. Our target are the 22 ASAL Counties (arid and Semi-Arid Lands). We are passionate about conservation and we partner with organizations to provide water solutions for humans, domestic and wildlife.

We are an NGO purely set up for service to humanity. 


Creating a world better for all


To serve the vulnerable in society with compassion. Creating a world where children have access to clean drinking water, and families are able to participate in reversing climate action. To empower leading ladies across the African Continent, celebrating luminaries and mentoring the next generation. 

  1. Courage

  2. Love

  3. Vulnerability

  4. Abundance

Goals & Tasks
  • Create partnerships in ASALs for provision of water solutions, boreholes/deep wells and water pans for domestic and wildlife consumption.

  • Plant and grow at least 1 million trees on or before 2025 in all the areas we will provide water. Every family benefiting from Seriana Foundation will plant and grow  fruit trees and indigenous.

  • Leverage platforms that celebrate leading ladies, youth and women of excellence. Offer mentorship and empowerment to the next generation of leaders, highlighting gender equity and equality, locally and across Africa.

  • Strengthen uptake of STEM related courses to local schools in hard to reach areas.

  • Build capacity of local communities around animal and wildlife habitats to prevent and effectively respond to zoonotic diseases.

Meet the Organization

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of Serina Foundation. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.


Mwende Mbevi


Lamo Dungunye



Mueni Muthama


With us since our founding, Mwende is one of our veteran team members as Founder and President of Seriana Foundation and has played a critical role in shaping our mission and projects. The team bring their years of experience and skills in helping Serina Foundation grow and make a measurable impact.

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